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About Alcea

Hi there! I'm Ellen, and welcome to Alcea!

We're thrilled you've decided to check us out. Alcea started over seven years ago as a communications and content consultancy, helping businesses solve communication puzzles and keep their teams and customers in the loop.

Then came 2022 and Chat GPT – a game-changer for creatives everywhere. Let's be honest it was mind-blowing (and a little scary!).  Like many, I initially resisted the whole AI thing. But curiosity eventually got the better of me. I decided to dive in, test it out, and see what it could really do. Let's just say my initial resistance backfired!

Playing around with Chat GPT and Google's Gemini (back then, it was called Bard) opened my eyes to the incredible potential of AI as a tool.  Suddenly, I could take on more content clients, working twice as fast. It even helped when it came to onboarding new team members and streamlining invoices. From crafting job descriptions and social media posts to tackling modern slavery statements and website content, AI became my secret weapon.

As I delved deeper into the world of AI tools, friends and family started coming to me with their business challenges.  "There's gotta be an AI tool for that," I'd say, and more often than not, there was! This led me to share my discoveries through weekly blog posts and even an AI-powered podcast (thanks to AI for the recording and editing magic!).

Before I knew it, clients started asking me to help them navigate the AI landscape.  They needed tools to solve specific problems or achieve goals they once thought were out of reach. And that's exactly what I did.

Today, Alcea helps businesses identify areas where AI can make the biggest impact. We then find the perfect tools for the job and ensure seamless adoption by your teams. We're all about practical, user-friendly solutions that prioritise collaboration.

Why do we get it? Because we've been on this journey ourselves.  We've seen how AI has helped Alcea grow, and we're passionate about showing other businesses just how valuable, fast, and successful this technology can be.  Let's chat and see how AI can supercharge your business.

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