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5 point checklist of content to include in COVID-19 communications

In this blog you’ll find a 5 point checklist that will help you to include the most effective and engaging content to your employees during the coronavirus pandemic. Make sure that each of the 5 points are included in every communication you send out on behalf of your business as a way of ensuring best practice.

1. Level with the whole company: Employees at every level will be wondering whether the business has the capability either financially or via leadership to weather the coronavirus storm. So whilst there should be some communications focusing solely on the financial position and leadership views of how to get through the crisis these messages should be summarised and repeated briefly in pretty much every communication sent out.

WARNING: Tone deaf messages from CEO’s about the dip to their bonus packages due to the share price drop are not helpful nor will they engender a ‘we’re all in this together’ spirit which businesses need to cultivate, especially if staff are being furloughed. To avoid this put yourself in the place of someone reading the communication who’s possibly furloughed but who is definitely worried about redundancies and losing their ability to pay the mortgage or feed their family – this will help you find the right tone.

2. Keep facts front and centre: Time has the ability to move very fast in the coronavirus pandemic. Information and next steps are coming out on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis so lead your communications with the facts as they are right now. But, highlight that as the situations develop you’ll share those changes too.

3. Summarise the positions and policies of the business: As the facts and scenarios change there may be an impact on the business position and the policies used. Keep your teams up to date with the policies of the business on a regular basis. This will avoid confusion and build trust with the employees impacted.

4. Promote safety tips and healthy practices for employees: COVID-19 is a direct threat to the safety of us all. It’s important for companies of all shapes and sizes to promote safe practices, habits and tips for the whole company. It can help boost morale and show an empathy for employees who will value feeling cared for.

5. Counter the fear with reliable sources: Social media is a wonderful tool to enable connectivity, however, it does have an ability to spread misinformation, inaccurate facts and consequently fear like wildfire. Keep your employees connected to the most accurate, reliable and up-to-date information from reputable sources such as the World Health Organisation, the BBC and the government amongst others to ensure they are getting access to reliable information as it’s released.

For more ways to create best practice communications through the coronavirus pandemic check out my blog on or see this short post on finding the right words for COVID-19 communications

To find out how Alcea Consulting Limited can help you create effective and engaging communications for your business during the coronavirus pandemic email Ellen at:

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