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5 tips to help your business find the right words right now for COVID-19

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Here at Alcea Consulting we believe in the power of communications to connect with people. As a copywriter and communications consultant for almost five years Alcea knows how to create content that is impactful and engaging. In this blog post we’re here to share five tips you can adopt now to find the right words for your teams, customers and stakeholders; improving connections, creating engagement and delivering productive results.

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic is a continuous challenge faced by businesses of all sizes to communicate so here's five tips to keep in mind when you're creating communications for coronavirus.

1. Be honest

It’s ok to say you don’t know, it’s also ok to say you’ll find out and share what you can when you do know. This is a first time situation for everyone and we’re all finding our way through it as it develops (which for the past few weeks has been hourly rather than daily). The main thing everyone you’re communicating to needs to know is that you’re being honest with them about sharing what information you have when you have it. As a communications consultant I always advocate for clients to share honest and authentic communications. They are powerful and build trust.

2. Don’t beat around the bush

It’s important that news is delivered in a succinct and clear way. This is a cornerstone of crisis communications, don’t waffle or try to ‘fill’ the content. If the announcement, update or information is short that’s fine.

3. Simplicity is key

Linking to the need to keep things succinct it’s also essential that the style of writing i s kept as simple and as clear as possible. This is the time for plain English to shine. As a writer I am passionate about language but during a crisis I know that simplicity is best. Many people are panicking, feeling fearful and anxious which makes it harder for information and news to be absorbed and understood. So, make your content simple and clear.

4. Mix it up

Keeping employees engaged, particularly if they’re facing changes and disruption is key. Not every update or communication you send them has to be serious or solely about coronavirus. This is the time to build connections with your teams via communications and encourage them to connect and engage back. Mixing up the communications and content you share can support this. Think about ways you can share good news stories such as a colleague’s volunteering effort or a team’s fundraising success. This is about lightening the mood and sharing some joy in a way that’s positive and tactful.

5. Keep the communications coming

Regular communications throughout the crisis are essential. At the start of the pandemic I know many businesses were concerned about ‘over sharing’ with a mass of communications going out daily. This is to be expected by everyone in the early stages of a crisis and from my experience people would rather have the information than not.

But, as things begin to settle down into more of a routine it’s important not to leave communications behind. Create a calendar of communications, with the messages you’re planning on sharing and the news you need to impart. Schedule the communications for once or twice a week, same days and times so your teams get used to expecting a regular update.

Keeping connected via communications during the COVID-19 pandemic is essential to maintaining morale and business productivity. And, as a communications specialist who focuses on finding ways to use the right words to connect with people at the right time I can help you and your business during the coronavirus pandemic.

Keep an eye out for more blog posts with top tips such as this one on 5 ways to find the right words in the pandemic or email me at: to find out more about how I can help you and your teams.

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