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AI News: Tomorrow is here today

Artificial intelligence is hitting the headlines this week, so we thought we'd summarise three key AI news stories in brief so you can keep up to date while you're on the go.

1. AI Safety Summit 2023

The AI Safety Summit 2023 was set up by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to bring together power players from across the world, from businesses and AI entrepreneurs to governing bodies, politicians, regulators, academics, and even royalty (King Charles addressed the summit via video link) in the historical Bletchley Park, (famed for its role as the home of the World War II code breakers). The two-day summit was a first of its kind on AI globally. At the summit 28 of the attendees, including the EU, China, and the USA signed up to the Bletchley Declaration - an agreement to continue an open dialogue on the safety, opportunities, and risks of AI and to meet again in 2024.

We resolve to support an internationally inclusive network of scientific research on frontier AI safety that encompasses and complements existing and new multilateral, plurilateral and bilateral collaboration, including through existing international fora and other relevant initiatives, to facilitate the provision of the best science available for policy making and the public good.

2. Microsoft 365 Copilot

We'd recommend this article by BBC Technology Editor Zoe Kleinman, which is a must-read about the launch of the new Microsoft 365 Copilot AI tool that can do everything from summarise a Microsoft Teams meeting to write a first draft in Microsoft Word. There are now concerns about whether Copilot adheres to Europe's AI act and China's AI regulations, which state that when people are interacting with AI content, they must know that it's technology and not a human they're interacting with. But, the response from Microsoft puts the onus on the user and not on the tool - opening up a potential dividing line between technology and regulators.

Colette Stallbaumer, head of Microsoft 365, said it was up to the individual using Copilot to clarify that. "It is a tool, and people have responsibility to use it responsibly," she said.

This is the future of AI technology and it's a tool that's becoming widely available, what it means for all of us is yet to be determined. Read the full article on BBC News and we'd always recommend keeping an eye on the Technology section of the BBC News website too.

3. And lastly, Collins word of the year 2023 is... AI.

That's right, Collins has added AI to the dictionary because it is one of the most widely used words of the last twelve months. Our global preoccupation with all things artificial intelligence has happened so suddenly and so fast that this pertinent choice by Collins really shows how ubiquitous AI has become in general conversation in a few short months.

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