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Artificial Intelligence introducing... Seesaw

In this post we’re introducing Seesaw. This is a tool aimed at assisting teachers to create and share engaging activities with students, to assess their progress, and to liaise with families in a group and as a personal conversation. For more information on AI in schools, check out the AI Life Tools podcast episode, ‘How artificial intelligence tools can help teachers’ Alcea looks into tools like Seesaw and others as well as the wider debate about AI in schools.

What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is a digital portfolio showing digital and physical work in one place. It can be used for all ages and provides a digitally safe and secure space for them to share their work as photographs and a written format to feedback on their contributions to activities with their teacher, classmates, and family members. “Seesaw brings together instruction, assessment and communication in one place.”

While Seesaw wasn't originally designed with artificial intelligence, as AI has developed Seesaw has adopted the technology and it does use artificial intelligence in some of its features that are currently available.

How does Seesaw work?

Seesaw is a cloud-based platform, so students can access their work from anywhere. Teachers start by creating activities that can then be shared. Seesaw supports a variety of activity types, including drawing, writing, recording audio and video, taking pictures, and uploading files. Seesaw uses artificial intelligence algorithms to sort, organise and analyse student data to identify learning patterns for areas that need improvement

When can schools benefit from adopting AI tools like Seesaw?

· Seesaw offers a comprehensive set of tools to assist in the teaching of students, giving new ideas for teachers to access and engage students

· Seesaw enables a valuable connection with students' families to interact with activities and pupil engagement

Who can use Seesaw?

Seesaw is used by teachers, students of all ages and can be accessed by parents.

Is Seesaw free?

· Core features of Seesaw are free for teachers, students, and their families

· Schools are able to apply for a subscription for full access to the teaching tools

Does Seesaw have competition?

Seesaw has many competitors, all offering a variety of teaching aids and engagement. Here are a few of them.

· TeachMateAI was designed by teachers for teachers and is a one-stop-shop for over 80 AI-powered tools. All designed to increase efficiency for teachers, saving them time every day. As TeachMateAI says, “These tools are saving teachers on average over 10+ hours per week, making it possible for them to redirect that time back into teaching, developing new skills, or simply taking a much-needed break. Imagine creating PowerPoint presentations instantly or generating model texts or worksheets that would usually require hours of internet trawling, all at your fingertips. This is what TeachMateAI does – it redefines the teaching experience for the better”.

· Nearpod, a Renaissance company, has added multiple solutions into a single platform. What makes Neapod different from other tools is that it’s putting gamification, interactive videos, and lessons together with real-time insights to track learning.

· Pear Deck has a range of ready-to-teach lessons, templates, and activities. According to its website, “Pear Deck is designed to support proven strategies in daily classroom instruction, making it easy for teachers to follow the best practices that reduce achievement gaps and improve outcomes for all students."

Final thoughts… overall, Seesaw is a tool that was designed to support teachers create, teach, and connect with their students and their families. As it has developed into a one-stop-shop for many teachers and a fantastic tool that enables and empowers creativity and connection, it has also adopted AI-functionality in some of its features to enhance and improve how it works and what it offers. This tool is used by teachers I know and who value it as a powerful tool in their teaching practice. The fact that Seesaw is now using AI technology to power up some of its features also shows how ubiquitous artificial intelligence is becoming in educational tools and how helpful the technology can be.

Find out more at AI Life Tools podcast now on Spotify.

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