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Artificial Intelligence introducing... Tome

In this edition of the introducing businesses and users to new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, this week we’re exploring Tome.

What is Tome?

Tome is an AI tool that creates a range of professional presentations. This is an AI alternative to the standard business PowerPoint presentations.

How does it work?

There’s a couple of ways to use Tome AI.

One way is to click ‘create’, write in a prompt (similar to how you would in say Bard or Chat GPT-4) or write an outline for the presentation you’d like to make and hit return. Tome will then use its AI-powered tools to generate the content and design of your presentation. You can then review and edit the presentation as needed.

The second way to use Tome is to use the templates available, there are a range of different document types and you can change the colour, style and add in and remove content from the templates as you choose to personalise it.

There is a variety of different templates available on Tome including:

  • Fundraising pitch

  • Creative portfolio

  • Mood board

  • CV/resume

  • Research report

  • Team meeting agenda

  • Media kit

And many more.

When can businesses benefit from adopting AI tools like Tome:

There are many business reasons why Tome or other AI presentation tools would be helpful. Presentation packs are the norm for a huge number of businesses, from team meetings to new project launches.

Have you experienced “death by PowerPoint”? Because I have and so have many others who’ve had to sit through endless badly created slides, whilst important information is lost or drowned out by the endless tones of “next slide please”. Tome and other presentation AI tools help to alleviate this by creating attractive, fun, artistic and beautifully presented information in slide (landscape) format, supporting professionals with the key information, who perhaps don’t have the creative skillset to help share them.

There’s also the big one: speed. It can take absolutely ages to create a presentation deck of slides. But with this AI tool you can use a template or create your own in a matter of minutes, speeding up the process massively.

It can also be used to create an impact with things like CV/resumes and creative portfolios, a great way to grab potential employer’s or client’s attention.

Who can use Tome?

Everyone who needs to create a visual of their content.

Is Tome free?

Yes, it is free to create an account and there’s good functionality for free users. There are also upgrade options.

  • Pro is $8 per month, which works out to about £6.20 in the UK.

  • There’s also an Enterprise option but this price is only available on request.

Pros of Tome:

  • Generates content and design presentations quickly and easily, even if you don't have a lot of experience with presentation design.

  • Can create presentations on a variety of topics so whether its school, business or pleasure Tome can flex to your needs.

  • Tome AI is easy to use, even if you're not familiar with AI tools. Simply provide a prompt or outline for your presentation, and Tome AI will do the rest.

  • Cost-effective because it’s either free or relatively cheap to become a Pro user.

  • You can make presentations look good even if you’re not a graphic designer (which most of us aren’t).

Cons of Tome:

  • It’s not totally free, some functions are only available by paying the fee subscription.

  • Tome AI may not be suitable for all types of presentations, such as those that require a lot of technical detail.

  • Accuracy might be an issue, so regular sense-checking of information is still needed.

  • Limited knowledge may mean Tome can’t create content on all topics, particularly specialised or technical content.

  • Presentation formats and templates might be limited.

Does Tome have competition?

Yes, there’s a lot of other creative presentation AI tools out on the market (and in time I’ll be covering many of them here) but for now here’s a short list of just a few alternatives. They are all tools designed to speed up, make easier and help create slick, professional looking slides and decks that help users make content more engaging.

Final thoughts… In all honesty I’ve had mixed results with Tome. I love how it looks but depending on the topic and the success (or not) of my prompts I’ve had mixed results with the outcome. I do think though that this is one to try but remember to check regularly as the technology keeps developing. There’s always a need to create slick, professional and creative looking content, just know that you might need to spend some time playing with it to get to grips with how to make it work best for you.

Alcea Consulting Limited is a boutique consultancy helping businesses find the right words and tools to connect their teams and customers. Contact us to find out how Alcea can support your teams and business today.

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