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Five ways your business can use AI

The landscape of business is undergoing a significant transformation driven by the ever-evolving world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is a powerful tool that businesses of all sizes can leverage to gain a competitive edge. From enhancing customer experience to streamlining operations and making data-driven decisions, AI offers a multitude of benefits. However, many businesses, particularly small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), may feel overwhelmed by AI's technical aspects and unsure how to implement it effectively.

This article aims to help to bridge that gap. We'll delve into five key ways AI can revolutionise your business, providing real-life examples to illustrate its transformative potential.

Customer experience and chatbots

  • Tidio: Combines live chat with AI-powered chatbots, as well as automation and analytics features. It offers free use for 50 handled conversations per month as a starter for new businesses, plus paid packages for extra use.

  • Drift: Focuses on conversational marketing and sales using AI to engage website visitors and qualify leads as well as integrating with various CRM and marketing tools. This tool offers paid plans designed for startups to large businesses.

Personalised marketing and sales insights

  • Drip: Is an e-commerce marketing automation platform. With AI-driven insights for personalised email and SMS campaigns and customer segmentation and behaviour tracking built in. With a free trial and starting at $39 per month it's an competitive price.

  • Mailchimp: This is a well-known and popular email marketing platform with advanced AI features now built in. Including personalised email recommendations, customer segmentation, and predictive analytics. It integrates with various e-commerce and CRM systems too and with a free starter option with paid add-ons and packages this is ideal for SMEs on a tight budget.

Automate repetitive tasks with AI-powered workflows

  • Zapier: This is an automation platform that connects different apps to automate workflows. Supports thousands of apps, enabling seamless integration and task automation. It uses a simple "if this, then that" (IFTTT) logic for creating workflows without coding. Pricing is free for basic use, plus paid options are available to scale as required.

  • Trello: Trello’s built-in automation tool, Butler, automates tasks and workflows within Trello boards. It creates rules, buttons, and commands to handle repetitive tasks. Easy to set up with a visual interface. There is a free option available with paid options as required.

Make data-driven decisions with AI-powered analytics

  • Zoho Analytics: This is a cloud-based business intelligence and analytics platform that uses AI-powered insights and predictive analytics. It integrates with various data sources and offers easy-to-create dashboards. With affordable packages beginning at £19 per month.

  • Salesforce Einstein Analytics: It's an AI-powered analytics tool within the Salesforce ecosystem that provides insights and predictive analytics for sales, marketing, and services. It integrates seamlessly with Salesforce data and third-party sources, however for this functionality it's a price is only available on application.

AI-powered design and testing

  • PTC Creo: This is a comprehensive CAD software system with AI-powered generative design now built in. It's simulation and analysis tools for product testing and validation offer new functionality as well as IoT integration for smart product development and real-time data insights. There are free trial options.

  • ANSYS: Leading simulation software for engineering product development that has AI and machine learning features for predictive analysis and design optimisation built in. With a wide range of simulation tools for testing and validating product designs included this is a great tool with a free trial available.

Conclusion: Embrace the power of AI

The potential applications of AI in business are vast and ever-expanding. By incorporating AI into various facets of your operations, you can enhance customer experience, personalise marketing and sales strategies, automate repetitive tasks, make data-driven decisions, and improve product development. For help in getting started with AI in your business contact us now. Alcea Consulting Limited is a boutique AI consultancy helping businesses in any industry improve their ways of working, hit targets, and solve problems using AI tools and technology.

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