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Key to a successful career change: Let go of convention

Have you ever considered a career change?

But the instant you thought about it, did you have another thought that included something like, ‘I can’t what would people think?’ or ‘it’d be mad to risk all that I’ve got now’ and these are perfectly normal reactions to going against the grain, the norm, the expected.

But, making the leap into the unknown can be the best, most exhilarating and life enhancing moves you can make. And, from my experience one of the best ways you can tackle these doubtful thoughts is to reconsider what success is and looks like to you. In short you must let go of convention. Here’s how.

Having made some big changes, myself in the last fifteen years from three major career changes to setting up my own business the thing I’ve consistently had to do was to let go of convention. To actively believe in my own ideas rather than the ‘normal’ that most people are familiar (and comfortable) with. This is tough and can be lonely at times, but I’ve never once regretted it.

Learning to let go of convention has been one of the single most freeing factors of all the successful changes I’ve made.

When I say conventional ideas, I don’t just mean about work and career either. I mean about everything. It seems obvious to say, but your job and career impacts every aspect of your life so challenging what the convention is for your career is tied up with so much else in life too.

Take time to understand what you want your ‘new normal’ to be

Stepping away from convention is essential for change and creating your new normal takes time to build.

So, take it in stages wherever you can – build you side hustle at the weekends, work in the evenings on a hobby you want to turn into a business, go part time. By creating gradual changes and talking it through with those around you – you’ll begin to set new norms and conventions for you and them too.

Remember, convention is what’s expected today. But you have the power to change expectations in the tomorrows to come. You just need to be aware that it takes time and you’ll need patience. Both with yourself and with others around you.

You need to believe in the power of the new

Change is hard. There will be times you doubt yourself. But to keep going means you’ve got to believe in the power of the new life you’re creating. It’s essentially choosing to believe in what your building for tomorrow is better for you than what you have already got in your life today.

Be sure it’s what you want – embrace the reality

It’s easy to fall into the trap of the ‘grass always being greener’. But, the key thing to do is know and accept that if you make a change it doesn’t mean every day will be marvellous and happy and care-free. There will still be bills to pay, there will always be a hard day when nothing goes right, and there will, most likely, be stressful situations too.

And, of course if you don’t make changes there will be good days too in the current normal. It’s important to be clear on what the realities and constraints of life are and will be. Changing a career doesn’t mean you won’t have a mortgage to pay or family members to love and support. But it may mean you’re happier, more fulfilled and healthier in the way you earn the cash to pay the bills.

Your career impacts your life

I’ve never once regretted the changes I’ve made, but at times I was surprised by the impact changing a career path had on my wider life, so I always advise others to think about career change more holistically too.

Waving goodbye to convention is exciting as well as daunting – what is for sure creating your own new normal on your path to career fulfilment is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Changing careers is exciting, it takes guts and bravery, it is the conscious choice to leap into the unknown.

But, it’s also scary, overwhelming and at times a lonely path so if I can help support your journey contact me now to talk it through:

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