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News Review: What’s been happening in the world of AI according to the BBC?

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly evolving technology, and as new tools become available and users start using them, there are more perspectives and ideas on what AI means for all of us on a day-to-day basis and what the wider implications of this new technology could be for the way we live and the frameworks we need in place to keep us all safe.

This week we thought it’d be interesting to see what stories have been covered by the BBC in recent coverage to get a flavour of different stories and perspectives on and about AI.

  • The Media Show presented by Katie Razzal. Episode 14: AI – Destroyer of Journalism? An episode covering AI’s use within journalism and the impact it’s having on traditional news.

  • BBC News: A simple guide to help you understand AI this is a great guide to help anyone who’s interested learn the basics of what AI is and does, really useful if you’re just getting started in discovering more about AI.

  • BBC News: Article by Zoe Kleinman. Artificial intelligence: Experts propose guidelines for safe systems an update on the voluntary framework that AI developers can sign up to agreeing to safely develop AI systems and products. An useful piece that gives an update and also starts setting the scene for the need for a focus on safety within AI.

  • BBC News: Article by Tom Garken and Philipa Wain. Google tests watermark to identify AI images making it clear to users whether they’re looking at an AI-generated image vs a ‘real’ human-designed one has been discussed a lot in the last few months. In this article, the journalists share an update on Google’s latest trial idea on AI imaging transparency.

  • BBC News: Article by Zoe Kleinman. 'Inevitable' jobs will be more automated, says new AI adviser a report based on comments from the UK government’s AI advisor Ian Hogarth on the unavoidable disruption to the jobs market due to AI technology.

  • BBC News: Article by Tom Garken. Bletchley Park to host AI safety talks in November (2023). With the need for world leaders to come together to discuss, plan and organise effective governance and policies for AI, the fact that the UK is organising a AI safety summit is good news, and that it’s being held at Bletchley Park (where Alan Turing – the father of AI – helped crack the enigma code in WWII is a poignant and pertinent reminder of the UK’s history of leading in this arena).

  • BBC News: Article by Chris Vallance. Pass AI law soon or risk falling behind, MPs warn the need to speed up governance, laws, and policies around AI is highlighted in this report.

  • BBC News: Article by Zoe Kleinman. Google's search for an AI future as it turns 25 with Google turning 25 this year there is an in-depth review of the power and vulnerabilities of the tech titan that AI could help or hinder its continued longevity.

These stories are a great introduction to AI, to the different aspects of the debates around the technology, and highlight some of the tensions and opportunities that lie ahead for all of us as artificial intelligence becomes ever more established and develops in functionality.

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