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Success stories

How we've already helped businesses, just like yours successfully adopt AI tools into their business


Saving time, hitting KPIs

Web HQ was struggling with too much to do and too little time. Onboarding new team members was difficult due to manual processes and customers couldn't consistently access support.


Alcea was on hand to help. Finding AI tools that could be integrated into their business's daily tasks, saving time through automation meant it was easier to onboard and new chat bot recommendations ensured customers could get help 24/7.

We were able to give Web HQ new AI tools to trial that would integrate fully into their current systems and be affordable solutions, enabling them to save time and hit their KPIs. 


Getting social 

Creating social media content and sharing it at the best time is a challenge for social media creators and businesses alike. It's a full time job but when you have a full time business to take care of how can you ensure your marketing is being created and shared consistently?

Alcea worked to support a social media content creator to find AI tools that could help create content faster, schedule posts across multiple platforms and engage with audiences.

By finding AI tools that could learn a company's tone of voice and writing style they were able to speed up the creation process and use the automation features to schedule posts across multiple platforms for weeks and even months in advance (super useful at Christmas and summer holiday times). The tools also track engagement and click through rates so it's easy to see what posts are really connecting with an audience.


Accurate data at your fingertips

Stellar Consulting was struggling to find project management tools that could help their clients keep accurate track of data and finances on projects, this meant they didn't have the accurate real-time information needed to make informed decisions, costing the project time, money and resourcing.

Alcea sourced new AI project management tools that enabled real-time data capture alongside financial reporting. So projects could be tracked to the day with a level of depth and accuracy manual processes couldn't emulate. 

By researching new AI tools with specific functionality we were able to share insights and new solutions to old problems that would save time and money.


Teaching the next generation

A teacher asked for support to see if there was a way to help educate the children in her class who were at different academic levels while keeping them all on topic. As well as struggling to find ways of creatively interpreting new topics for the class. 

Alcea helped to find AI tools that are designed specifically for teachers at different key stages and with different topics and academic levels built in. 

In finding suitable niche educational AI tools the teacher was able to find new information and support in creating bespoke learning materials for every child in their class. Saving time and ensuring everyone could be taught the same topic together but at levels that were appropriate for each child. Giving the teacher more time to spend with the children who needed her attention, and setting new topic-related tasks for the more able children.

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