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Ace Your Interview 

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Personable, professional

Whether it's a workshop on corporate copywriting to wellbeing and career change advice, Alcea devises, creates and presents workshops and events that challenge and champion all the participants. With a wealth of experience in delivering training and workshops, including being a lead trainer for workshops on the Google Digital Garage project, you know you're in safe hands.

Check out the workshops on offer below or get in touch to ask questions or book. 

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Learn how to use your creative writing skills in the corporate and business sectors

In this introductory 1-day workshop you will have the opportunity to learn how as a creative writer you can utilise your creativity in the rewarding and broad field of creative corporate copy writing.

You'll learn what you’ll need to offer to find work, how corporate work can help develop and support your other creative projects and how writing for a company’s target audience in a creative way can help you get into the commercial publishing mindset.

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Build the confidence to leap into the future

In this introductory 1-day workshop you will have the opportunity to explore how you can make the leap from where you are now to where you’re dreaming you can be tomorrow.

Whether that’s change of job role, a new industry or even becoming your own boss. If you’re starting to think about the possibilities out there this is the course to get you started.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking about taking the leap from the known to the unknown.

This workshop is designed to look closely at the skills, plans and self-confidence you’ll need to succeed and help you on your path.

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Build your confidence and learn effective techniques to ace your interview

In this one day workshop you'll gain valuable insights into improving your experience of interviews, learn to see them as an opportunity and an opening for empowerment. 

Interviews can be daunting and nerve-wracking but in this workshop you'll learn methods to build your interview confidence and practical techniques in preparing and managing the interview process. 

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