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Welcome to Alcea

Moving your business forward with AI tools

Alcea is a boutique consultancy helping businesses identify problems that can be solved by adopting artificial intelligence tools. We work with you and your business and teams to adopt AI technology to help move your business forward. 

With a team of specialists and experts, Alcea is dedicated to finding new solutions to business problems and helping SMEs use, grow, and compete by improving performance, increasing efficiencies, and achieving their goals all by successfully adopting AI tools. 

We champion the responsible and ethical use of AI tools, embedding them into working practices to utilise cutting-edge technology to get the best business results.



Alcea's founder, Ellen, will be speaking at the Business Innovation Expo in the Future Communications Theatre on Thursday, 14th March.
Come and say hello and have a coffee and biscuit at booth 320

Patrick, Sky Media

I wanted to drop you a note to personally say thank you for all the hard work, commitment, and dedication that you have shown throughout your time on the Sky Life programme. 


The work you are doing is critical to our success for go-live, ensuring everyone at Sky has the right information at hand - thank you. 


Well done Ellen, you are doing a terrific job!

Thiago, Vesuvius

Dear Ellen,


It was impressive how you described it, the work shone more brightly in your words.


Thank you

Anton, National Grid

Ellen is a passionate and dedicated writer who brings all of the skills and expertise needed in the digital and social environments. Her communication skills build strong relationships with stakeholders and her confidence brings assurance that she always finds the best solutions to problems. It has been wonderful working with her.
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