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Finding the words for you

Come on in and take a look around. Connection and communication is what we're all about.

Alcea finds the right words for every occasion.

Alcea offers everything from corporate and business copywriting, career and life coaching  to designing and presenting workshops and events. Alcea does it all and can help you too.

Because, ultimately the aim is the same. We use a variety of communications techniques, in different ways to bring people together and to communicate positively, effectively and passionately.

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Communications - Expertise - Connection

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Finding the right words for your business

Whether it's online or face to face Alcea can create and facilitate engaging and connecting sessions for you and your team.

Whether it's a workshop on corporate copywriting to wellbeing and career change advice, Alcea devises, creates and presents workshops and events that challenge and champion all the participants. With a wealth of experience in facilitating meetings and workshops, including being a lead trainer for workshops on the Google Digital Garage project, you know you're in safe hands with the Alcea team.



Empowering you

I'm the coach for women between 25 - 35 years old who are questioning the lives they're living now and seeking support and clarity for the lives they want to create for the future.

I'm here to help you help yourself on to the next stage of your journey. As a coach I support and empower you when it comes to finding the right next step. Helping you to find the answers you're seeking and empowering you to create the life you choose. 

I coach you with practical tips, tasks and advice, listening to you and working with you to solve problems. 



Personable and professional

Helping teams and businesses communicate in groups is important. Sometimes it's the most effective way to build your team, generate new ideas and develop a deeper understanding of what's happening with your colleagues inside and outside of work. 

From focus groups and workshops to presentations, Alcea Consulting offers a bespoke service that works for you. I will help your colleagues feel comfortable to open up and share their ideas and experiences. Giving you invaluable insight and awareness.



The power of connection

A wellbeing retreat with a difference. The Reconnect Retreat is designed to provide the ideal environment for guests who are feeling disconnected and down to reconnect with themselves and each other, and the natural world around us by taking time out to learn, develop and connect.

By slowing things down we can begin to connect all our senses to our own voices within and the sounds of the world without, giving us the opportunity to powerfully connect and embrace our lives.

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Hear from one of Alcea's happy clients

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Dear Ellen,

It was impressive how you described it, the work shone more brightly in your words.

Thank you

Thiago, Vesuvius



Alcea was founded in 2017 with the aim of creatively using communications to support, empower and develop individuals, teams and businesses to connect with themselves, each other and their customers.

Having built an impressive portfolio of communications services and, most importantly, a wealth of happy clients Alcea is keen to work with you to deliver meaningful results for you.

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Whether you're interested in finding out how Alcea can support your business goals by creating content, to attending workshops or to exploring your own growth by coaching with Ellen we'd love to hear from you. 

Based in Birmingham, we can work all over the country both onsite and remotely.

Birmingham, United Kingdom

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