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Our podcast is dedicated to the practical applications of AI tools for SMEs and professionals

Our podcast is dedicated to exploring how we can use artificial intelligence tools in our lives and work. There's a huge arrange of AI tools that are available right now aimed at solving problems, freeing up time, helping us achieve our goals and meet our deadlines as well as talk to our customers and understand our businesses better. 


We look at different tasks and professions and the AI tools that are available right now, that businesses and individuals can use to help them. To be super clear, Alcea is completely AI tool agnostic in every aspect of our business, including on the podcast. We're not representing, advertising, or affiliated with any AI tool, AI developer, or AI company. We're sharing the information we find when researching what tools or tech are available to users. But, we always say that if you're going to use any tool, you do your own research to make sure you're happy with what the AI tool does, the company values and the results and costs are in line with your expectations. We're happy to be a guide and information sharer for AI tools but the responsibility and choice of the tools you choose to work with is your own.


Over our first two series we have dived into a wide range of topics and industries and the upcoming series we would like to start expanding our shows and include your stories and experiences too. So, if you work with AI, are developing new AI tools, or are looking for help in understanding more about how AI tools could help you or your business, then get in touch with the Alcea team today about the possibility of being a guest speaker and interviewee on the next series of AI Life Tools.

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