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We help small and medium sized businesses identify problems that can be solved using artificial intelligence tools.

At Alcea, we’re here to provide expert advice, practical methods, and best practice governance to enable organizations of any size to lay productive and robust foundations for identifying opportunities to adopt artificial intelligence tools to solve problems, open new ways of working, and realize tangible business benefits from increased productivity to increased revenues. 


As a boutique consultancy we have the expertise and the flexibility to make sure our clients have the knowledge and practical support they need, when they need it.


We have a core team of consultants who are experts in project management, training, strategy planning and creative engagement. With additional support from AI developers and analysts and other experts who provide bespoke advice when needed.



Our clients only pay for what they need to help them identify and solve business problems with AI tools.


Alcea’s different because…  

  1. We’re not corporate – you know who you’re going to be working with, what we do and why we’re doing it

  2. Clear and straightforward – we work with you, your leaders and your teams to collaboratively identify problems and find the best solutions using AI tools

  3. Our business is solving problems for your business using AI tools and we do so putting governance, ethics and best practice at the heart of what we do

  4. We’re practical and focus on common-sense solutions – only recommending solutions that match with your business needs, goals and budget

  5. As an SME just like you, we know artificial intelligence can feel overwhelming – so we’re here to make it accessible, clear and navigable

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