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Vision, mission and values

Our vision, mission and values form the foundation of everything we do

Alcea's vision leading us into the future

To be known as a one-stop shop for the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), from strategy to implementation for every organisation, large and small.

Alcea's mission is driving us to succeed

The future is AI-powered, but it is human-driven.

As a consultancy, we bring clarity, practical support, and expert knowledge to be the trusted guide for businesses looking to adopt AI tools successfully.

Alcea's values are our guiding principles

We don't do politics, we do values 

We are the Dolly Parton of consultancy - we don't engage with politics. We provide advice, expertise and practical solutions to organisations who are looking to begin and develop their use of AI tools. We do this working with organisations whose values meet our own: integrity, openness, ethics and respect. 

We behave with integrity at all times. We are in the role of the trusted guide. From helping bring clarity through strategies and plans to recommending AI tools to adopt we are trusted as authoritative, expert and trusted guides, to be worthy of this trust, we lead with integrity, always. 

We are open and we believe in the power of a growth mindset. We learn from our mistakes and are open to experimenting and trialling new ideas. We embrace failure as a learning opportunity to be better, grow, and try a new way. We are open with ourselves, each other, and our clients. We are open to new technologies and tools. 

Using AI tools ethically is essential. We lead the way in using AI tools ethically, with strict governance. We know that AI can be used for good and bad. It's up to us, as the drivers and adopters of the technology, to make sure we use tools ethically, appropriately, and responsibly, always.

Stronger together, by embracing our differences, we are more powerful, more robust and a more positive team. Background, race, ethnicity, and sexuality, everyone is valued equally for their expertise and ideas. We respect our clients, their needs, and their goals, and we expect this respect to be reciprocated. 

Just plain English
We want to remove the barriers around AI adoption, so you'll always get common sense, plain English, and no jargon communications from us. 

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