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AI tools for job seekers

In this episode and blog we’re going to be diving into the world of AI tools for job seekers.  


The world of recruitment and job hunting impacts many of us throughout our working lives so learning what tools are available to help us as we’re looking for new work with the AI tools that are available is helpful as job seekers and for recruiters knowing what AI tools are available to help them do their jobs and meet their deadlines is really helpful too. So, without further ado, let’s get started. This week, we have 10 AI-powered tools that are designed to help job seekers.


Our first AI-powered tool for job seekers is Talentprise. Talentprise is for IT professionals. It’s a skills-matching tool that helps match job seekers' experience with employers. This tool is specifically for those seeking IT jobs based in the USA, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. According to their website, Talentprise says, “Software Jobs. Get Hired. We use artificial intelligence to help you find full-time, part-time software developer jobs by showcasing your skills in a skill-driven solution.”

Also on their website are testimonials and quotes, one says

“Combining job seekers’ qualitative data with AI’s power, Talentprise online platform made it effective and straightforward for job-seeking candidates to stand out”.


The second tool this week is Skillroads. This is an AI-powered AI resume or CV-making service. According to their website, they say,

“Empower the employment process with Artificial Intelligence. Let algorithms run career counselling, investigate your professional interests, instantly create a resume and provide a perfect job match.”

Skillroads offer career counselling, resume writing and a LinkedIn profile makeover. The Skillroads team claim that 96.4% success rate of their skilled resume writers helping to place job seekers with a high quality CV. There is a free trial option available but services do have a cost and the company is based in the USA.


Our third tool this week is LazyApply. This is tool helps job seekers to automate the online application process. “Our AI Job search tool automatically apply to all the jobs on platforms like Linkedin, Indeed and Ziprecruiter using Job GPT.” LazyApply AI allows job seekers to simplify and manage the application processes using AI for job applications, college applications, etc, in one place, saving valuable time in a centralized profile. Create and save personalised templates for cover letters, personal statements etc. LazyApply prioritises the security and confidentiality of your personal info/data, giving you peace of mind as you navigate the application landscape. There is a free trial and a range of paid-for services too.


In at number four is Sonara AI. Sonara uses AI to find relevant job openings and automatically applies on the user's behalf. Sonara can also help users discover job opportunities they wouldn't have found on their own. There’s a questionnaire that provides insight into your needs, which SonaraAI then uses to find the opportunities you’re seeking, and then it sends the applications to you as part of its process. Users can try Sonara for free, plus there are paid for monthly plans for however long it is needed. This is particularly helpful for early to mid-career opportunities with worldwide coverage.


Onto number five, Kickresume. Kickresume is an AI-powered resume writing tool based on job seekers' experience and job title. There are customisable templates to fit your needs and a checker to identify improvements to make with a proofreading facility – there’s really no excuse now for poor spelling and grammar. Kickresume has its own job board to search for opportunities, too. They offer a free trial plus paid monthly – yearly options. Kickresume has worldwide coverage and good online reviews.


In at number six is Rezi. Yes, it’s another CV/resume builder. I mean this is a job seekers episode. Rezi provides an AI writing and editing tool with features such as bullet point writer, resume summary generator, and cover letter writer, helping to cover the ATS wording requirements to help get you noticed. It gives real-time analysis of current trends to check your CV for best practices and areas for improvement. Has a variety of templates and formats to choose from to get you started, and it’s able to track your job application to see your interview rating. Rezi offers a free plan for graduates and also different paid plans. A testimonial for Rezi says,

“Rezi is an awesome AI-based resume builder that includes templates to help you design a resume that is sure to check the boxes when it comes to applicant tracking systems. This is a great jumping off point to kickstart a new resume.”


Number seven is Coverdoc. And, as you may be able to tell from the name Coverdoc is an AI-powered cover letter writing tool. Candidates looking for jobs can improve their chances of success by having a better cover letter to add to their application. The tool helps users write cover letters, prepare for interviews, and negotiate salaries. It helps by providing writing prompts, suggesting answers to interview questions and generating personalised cover letters. Users can use CoverDocs to research companies and get feedback from their cover letters. This is an English language-based tool that’s used across multiple industries. It’s free to use but also offers a paid plan for more features. Good from entry-level to senior professionals, and one real benefit is that Coverdoc can link with your LinkedIn profile.


At number eight we have a tool designed to help everyone who struggles with interviews. This is a Google tool, called Interview warm up AI. This is Google’s answer to helping people through the interview process. This is an AI tool that won’t wear out. You can visit it as many times as you need to improve your ability at an interview. Easy to access, just answer the questions about yourself, your experiences, your approach to situations and your qualifications and follow the prompts to get helpful feedback. This was originally designed by Google for its own students' use but is now available for all. This is a free tool for everyone seeking to improve their job prospects. Anyone can use Interview Warmup, but it is specifically designed for people who are looking for jobs in data analytics, digital marketing, IT support, project management, UX design, and cybersecurity.


Our penultimate job seekers tool this week is Jobscan. Jobscan can help you improve your chances of getting your resume past the ATS and getting an interview. It can help you tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific job you are applying for. It can provide you with feedback on your resume and cover letter, including suggestions for improvement. Jobscan uses AI to get your resume into the “Yes” pile with recruiters, and it’s got a free trial, so you can try before you buy.


And finally, at number ten this week is Behired. Behired is an easy-to-use AI-powered tool giving job offers resume analysis and a personalised cover letter option. Also offers practice interview questions and gives a job match analysis with your strengths and shortcomings. Helpful for recent graduates to seasoned professionals. Behired provides real-time insights into current trends in the job market, salary expectations, and industry demand. Again, there’s a free trial before you commit to the paid option, which gives you more features. They have a range of testimonials on their site, one of which says,

“As a recent graduate, I needed a tool that could help me create compelling cover letters for entry-level positions. Behired exceeded my expectations and helped me secure my first job out of college. I highly recommend it to all job seekers!"


So that’s it, 10 top AI tools to help job seekers find work. From CV/resume builders to helping you interview to applying for roles there’s a wealth of AI-powered tools available to help job seekers, from graduates to specialists in an industry. There’s something for everyone. As always, with AI tools, it’s important to do your research and make sure that the tool’s tech offers what you want and that the company's ethics and values fit with your business values.

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