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AI tools for logistics

Welcome to series two, episode two of AI Life Tools; this is the podcast and article that helps you discover some of the AI tools that are available to support your daily life and work. I’m Ellen your host, I run Alcea Consulting an artificial intelligence consultancy that helps businesses get to grips with AI covering everything from artificial intelligence strategy to the implementation of solutions and tools.

In this blog, we’re going to be diving into the world of AI tools for logistics tasks.

Logistics is a complex and exciting new world of tools that help companies manage their logistical needs.

The first tool we’re going to look at this week is:

Uptake Fleet is a predictive maintenance solution for fleets. Uptake Fleet uses sensor data and work orders to predict when vehicles will need maintenance, helping fleets avoid breakdowns and save money on repairs. It also provides insights that can help fleets improve fuel efficiency. Uptake Fleet is aimed at fleet management companies and businesses that own or operate large fleets of vehicles.

Our second tool is Symbiotic: it provides warehouse automation systems using robots and AI to help businesses improve efficiency and accuracy. Their system is designed for high-density environments and can be customized to specific needs.

At number three, we have Coupa. Coupa is an AI-powered Business Spend Management (BSM) platform that helps companies manage all of their business spend in one place. It is used by companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. Coupa helps businesses improve their profitability, performance, and growth by automating and streamlining their procurement invoicing, payments, and other financial processes. Coupa's AI-powered features help businesses identify and avoid risks, optimize their spending, and make better decisions. On its website, Coupa says,

“Smarter business buying decisions start here.”

Our fourth logistical AI tool is, XYZ Logistics. On their website, they say that

“at XYZ Logistics, we harness cutting-edge technology to provide unparalleled logistics solutions. Our advanced tracking, analytics, and automation systems ensure that your goods are handled with precision, efficiency, and full visibility”.

XYZ is a Dubai based company with world-wide reach, they offer road, air and sea freight. Also, warehouse and custom clearance services.

Number five, C3.AI, is aimed at enterprise-level companies. C3 AI provides a variety of enterprise AI applications and an enterprise AI application development platform. They offer a number of turnkey enterprise AI applications that meet the needs of global enterprises. These applications include C3 AI CRM, C3 AI Reliability Suite, and C3 AI Supply Chain Suite. C3 AI also provides an application development platform that allows users to develop their own custom enterprise AI applications.

Our sixth tool this week is, Echo Global Logistics. Echo says that it simplifies transportation management for shippers and carriers with tech-enabled, expert-backed freight shipping solutions. Overcome capacity challenges, manage all your freight shipping processes, and seamlessly connect to the carriers you need with our EchoShip platform. Echo Global Logistics helps customers connect with shippers and freight drivers, keeping loads moving with EchoDrive, Echo’s end-to-end platform for dispatchers, owner-operators, and drivers.

Number seven is HAVI. HAVI provides supply chain management services to leading brands. They connect people with products and ideas. HAVI is working to reduce its environmental impact and make a positive social impact. They provide supply chain management across Asia. HAVI Supply Chain offers integrated digital and operational capabilities, including analytics, planning, distribution, freight management, and logistics, helping foodservice and high-care brands get the most out of their supply chains.

And, coming in at number eight. A UK-based company able to deliver to every postcode in the country. They work across different sectors as well as offering specialist handling for delicate or fragile items. Yodel also offers two-hour delivery windows, inflight delivery updates and fully-branded communication journeys. Customers can also return items to over 300 retailers through Yodel. The company also offers a mobile app for tracking parcels and managing deliveries.

Our ninth and penultimate logistics AI tool is UPS. UPS is a well-known brand that has adopted AI within its operations. AI is used to track packages, optimise delivery routes, and streamline the supply chain. Additionally, UPS uses AI to develop more sustainable delivery methods. Overall, AI is instrumental in UPS's efforts to provide superior customer experiences and navigate the complexities of an evolving supply chain.

And finally, our tenth logistics tool that’s powered by AI is Mango Logistics Group. Mango Logistics Group is a logistics company that offers courier, storage, and fulfillment services. Helping businesses of all sizes with their delivery and warehousing needs, including e-commerce businesses, beverage companies, PR and events companies, construction companies, and more. Mango uses AI to support its endeavours to be a sustainable firm. They offer a variety of services to choose from, with bespoke solutions available. They also have a fleet of electric vans and cargo bikes for emissions-free deliveries and are working on developing a sustainable delivery service to London.

So that’s it: 10 top logistical services businesses that use AI. From road freight to shipping and enterprise-level organizations to local courier services, AI is used to help streamline operations. As always, with AI tools, it’s important to do your research and make sure that the tool’s tech offers what you want and that the company's ethics and values fit with your business values.

As always, you can find all the links to the tools mentioned in this episode in the show notes, and there’s a blog post on’s website. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to get in touch. Thanks for reading.

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