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AI tools for recruiters

Updated: Mar 1

In this post and podcast episode we're discovering some of the AI-powered tools for recruiters.  


The world of recruitment impacts many of us throughout our working lives, so learning how, as a recruiter, they can work with AI tools is helpful as job seekers and recruiters. Knowing what AI tools are available to help them do their jobs and meet their deadlines is really helpful, too. So, without further ado, let’s get started. This week we have ten recruitment tools that are AI-powered.


Eightfold AI

Our first tool for this week is Eightfold AI. The company says, “We are transforming the world of work by pairing people with possibilities. From talent acquisition to talent management and talent insights, this is the single AI platform that does it all”. Eightfold AI is an AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform that brings people, software, and AI seamlessly together in one insightful, dynamic, and fun experience. It helps recruiters screen candidates with targeted skills identification, simultaneously helping to reduce bias and find qualified talent for the jobs your looking to fill. With customers like Vodafone on their books, Eightfold is building a big reputation – particularly with larger companies.


Hiring People IO

The second recruitment tool of the week is Hiring People IO This is an AI-powered job description tool. Hiring People enables you to build any job description in seconds simply by entering the title. And it enables users to extract a customised job description. Running 28-day campaigns across multiple jobs boards depending on the package. This is a company that’s partnered with Open AI the famous company behind Chat GPT so it’s got a good grounding in AI-powered tools. With a range of pricing options, starting with a free trial this is an affordable job posting and job description tool that works for any industry.


Fetcher AI

At number three this week we have Fetcher AI And just like the name suggests Fetcher AI prides itself on ‘fetching’ recruiters the best candidates for their jobs posting. Fetcher says, “Easily reach out to top candidates from our curated lists with personalized and automated email campaigns. Our AI tracks responses and identifies the most interested prospects, giving your team a head start in building a relationship”. Their website also highlights some facts, 23 seconds time the average user spends vetting a candidate sourced by Fetcher, 17 hours saved per role using Fetcher to find and engage a prospect, and with a 40% average response rate from Fetcher’s automated email sequences there’s a lot going for Fetcher. Pricing begins with a free option of 50 profile a month with going up to $549 per month for the most expensive option that includes both AI and human expertise.


Paradox AI

Number four is Paradox AI this is another AI-powered recruitment tool that’s used by household names and big companies including McDonald’s and FedEx. The goal of Paradox is to free up recruiters to focus more on the conversation, more time talking with candidates than on the software doing admin. On their website Paradox says, “Recruiters and managers spend 80% of their time on repetitive admin tasks. With Paradox, it can be 0%.”


Chat GPT and Gemini (aka Bard)

Coming in at number five is an old favourite or two we have Chat GPT and Bard, now Gemini. These are two free options that can help any company, but be particularly useful for small businesses who need to recruit but don’t necessarily have a dedicated team to write job descriptions and come up with interview questions. Both of these tools can help you do many of the aspects of recruitment from writing job descriptions, interview questions and interview ideas and agendas all for free.



Our sixth AI tool for recruitment is, Findem AI Findem is best for large companies hiring for corporate roles all over the world, particularly good with tech and science roles. There is a broad range of services for helping companies find people.



In at number seven is Pymetrics this is an AI-powered recruitment tool that uses gamification to assess users soft skills to discover which candidates are the right ones for the job and it’s a process that job hunters enjoy to engage with. There are twelve core games including, Effort, Risk Tolerance, Decision Making, Fairness and Attention in just 25 minutes. There are other games for other disciplines too including numerical and logical reasoning and there’s an option for a digital interview.



Coming in at number eight is HireEZ differentiates itself by saying it is, “The Only CRM Built For Recruiters By Recruiters”. The platform uses AI to target, engage, and hire candidates. HireEZ also offers features to help businesses improve their employer branding and marketing. Overall, HireEZ is a platform that can help businesses of all sizes recruit top talent, but with pricing on request it suggests it’s primarily aimed at enterprise-level organizations.



Our penultimate AI-powered recruitment tool is Textio an AI-powered tool that’s primarily designed for English language use but that’s designed to help companies recruit and retain a diverse workforce. Textio aims to remove biases from language that’s used in job postings, performance reviews and other materials from companies. Textio is designed to help people managers give fair, unbiased and actionable feedback to employees. When it comes to job seekers,  their website says, “For many job seekers, it only takes a few words to signal “this place isn’t for you.” Textio guides recruiting teams to quickly optimize job posts and candidate outreach with inclusive, on-brand language. Over a million people have applied to jobs written in Textio”. Pricing is available on request.



And finally, our tenth AI powered recruitment tool this week is, Mantal. This is an AI-powered tool that aims to simplify the whole hiring process for recruiters by automating as many of the admin tasks as possible and Mantal is able to suggest the best candidates for a job based on matching recommendations. There is a free trial with a demonstration and paid versions begin at $15 per month making this one of our more affordable options.


And finally,

So that’s it, 10 top AI tools to help recruiters do their work. From sourcing new candidates, playing games to assess skills and writing job descriptions. As always with AI tools it’s important to do your research and make sure that not only the tool’s tech offers what you want but also the ethics and values of the company fits with your own business values too.


As always, you can find all the links to the tools mentioned in this episode in the show notes, and there’s a blog post on’s website. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to get in touch. Thanks for reading.

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