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Artificial Intelligence introducing...Cognito

In this post, we’re introducing the educational tool Cognito. Created to help GCSE grade students in the UK learn science and maths subject work, the tool has features powered by artificial intelligence in a few different ways, including offering personalised learning, giving instant feedback, and adapting to the student’s ability level.

For more information on the debates around artificial intelligence, students and the tools available to them check out the latest episode of the AI Life Tools podcast. Alcea covered the AI tools available to help students, and Cognito was highlighted as a tool available right now.

Let’s dive into the Cognito tool, powered by artificial intelligence. The two images show what Cognito looks like.

What is Cognito?

This is an educational tool that has features powered by artificial intelligence, aimed at helping students in the UK to improve their GCSE Maths and Science performance and learning.

How does Cognito work?

Cognito works by using adaptive learning technology to create personalised learning paths for each student. This means that students are challenged at the right level and can learn at their own pace. To use it, students first need to create an account. Once they have created an account, they can take a diagnostic test to assess their current level of knowledge in GCSE Maths and Science. Cognito will then create a personalised learning path for the student based on their results. Students can access their learning path through the Cognito website or app. The learning path will include a variety of resources, such as video lessons, interactive exercises, and practice problems. Students can work through their learning path at their own pace and can revisit any resources that they need to review. Progress is tracked automatically and will show areas where they need to focus their attention, this can be shared with their teachers.

When can students benefit from adopting AI tools like Cognito?

· Personalised learning: Cognito uses adaptive learning technology to create learning paths for each student, meaning they are challenged at the right level and can learn at their own pace.

· Comprehensive coverage: Cognito covers a wide range of Maths and Science topics, from basic arithmetic to calculus and physics. This makes it a one-stop shop for students who need help with any aspect of these subjects.

· Engaging content: Cognito’s video lessons and interactive exercises are designed to be engaging and motivating for young people, keeping interest and focus on improvement.

· Progress tracking: Cognito tracks students’ progress automatically, so they can see how they are progressing and focus on areas needing attention.

· Teacher support: Cognito also provides teachers with a variety of tools and resources to help support their students’ learning. This includes lesson plans, worksheets and assessments.

Who can use Cognito?

Any student can use Cognito with access to the website or app.

Is Cognito free?

Cognito offers a free version with limited features. The paid version of Cognito offers access to all of the features, including personalised learning paths, comprehensive coverage, engaging content, progress tracking, and teacher support.

Does Cognito have competition?

Yes there is competition and other tools available to students are mentioned in the AI Life Tools, as to how AI tools can help students. However Cognito’s focus on GCSE Maths and Science means it is a more specialised educational tool.

· BBC Bitesizeis the BBC’s free online study support resource for school-age pupils in the United Kingdom. It is designed to aid pupils in both schoolwork and, for older pupils, exams”.

· Khan Academy and Khanmigo is an online learning academy and now with Khanmigo an AI for education guide – a tutor for students. Why is the Khan Academy different? It’s a non-profit organisation that gives students of all ages free learning resources.

· Plaito is an AI app that acts as a student’s personal tutor. Get help with homework, and support writing essays and learn faster with flash cards on screen. Plaito is bringing one-to-one tuition to any student with access to a computer, pretty powerful stuff. According to website 90% of students who use Plaito get better grades.

Final thoughts… overall, Cognito is an educational tool that is powered by AI to support student’s learning GCSE Maths and Science. Cognito gives an opportunity for students to have additional help to improve their education at a critical time in their learning and school careers. The design of the tool is very visual, using bright colours and clear and easy to navigate page designs, all with the aim of appealing to teenage audiences and to maintain pace and interest in learning, often challenging and technical subjects. Because it is underpinned with AI the tool is able to personalise the learning making it as accurate and effective at supporting students, based on their personal capability.

Find out more at AI Life Tools podcast now on Spotify.

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