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How AI LLMs can help writers and people who write

In this article, we will explore Large Language Models (LLMs), what the tools are, and who can use them. And, this is the bit where I tell you that as a writer myself my entry into the world of AI was through LLMs, and for many of us the media storm and interest in AI kind of started when Chat GPT-3 and 4 came to the fore. So, we’ll look at the hype too, but as ever, this is about looking at the tools and how we can use them in our daily lives, and LLMs are pretty accessible for most of us, particularly if you have to write or create written documents for any reason (and that’s likely to be most of us at some point or other).

If listening is more your thing, pop in your earphones and check out the latest episode of AI Life Tools on the AI tools available to help writers and people who write on Spotify today.

First things first, what is a Large Language Model?

This came from Bard AI, a really good explanation and an example of an LLM in action, a large language model (LLM) is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) model that is trained on a massive dataset of text and code. This allows it to learn the patterns and relationships between words and phrases and to generate new text that is similar to the text it was trained on.

LLMs are typically trained using a technique called deep learning. Deep learning is a type of machine learning that uses artificial neural networks to learn from data. Neural networks are inspired by the human brain, and they are able to learn complex patterns from data that would be difficult or impossible to learn using traditional machine learning techniques.

Who can use an LLM, and what would they use it for?

Here are a few examples of real-life uses for LLMs, turns out it’s not just writers after all.

· Writers: LLMs can be used to generate text for a variety of purposes, such as writing articles, creating marketing materials, or generating chatbot responses. They can also be used to help writers with their research, by providing them with summaries of factual topics or by generating ideas for new stories.

· Data scientists: LLMs can be used to analyse large datasets of text and code. This can help data scientists to find patterns and insights that would be difficult or impossible to find using traditional methods.

· Translators: LLMs can be used to translate text from one language to another. This can be useful for businesses that need to translate their content for international markets or for individuals who need to communicate with people who speak other languages.

· Customer service representatives: LLMs can be used to answer customer questions and resolve customer issues. This can free up customer service representatives to focus on more complex tasks, and it can also improve the customer experience by providing 24/7 support.

· Lawyers, solicitors, and legal professionals: LLMs can be used to research legal cases and to generate legal documents. This can help lawyers to save time and to improve the accuracy of their work.

· Doctors: LLMs can be used to diagnose diseases, to recommend treatment plans, and to provide patients with information about their condition. This can help doctors to provide better care for their patients, and it can also help to reduce the cost of healthcare.

· Educators: LLMs can be used to create personalised learning experiences for students. They can also be used to provide feedback on student work and to help students with their research.

· Researchers: LLMs can be used to explore new ideas and to generate hypotheses. They can also be used to analyse large datasets of data and to identify patterns that would be difficult or impossible to find using traditional methods.

There is a huge variety of professions that can use LLM within their work. The possibilities of lots of data being trained on key topics and areas of specialisms mean there’s no end to the opportunities really. And the plan is to cover these professions in more detail in future episodes. But today let’s focus on LLM and how they can be used for writer and people who need to write things in their work and lives.

Tools for writers or people who need to write things

There are many varied and wonderful LLMs designed for writing tasks and here is a selection of ones that I’ve used or come across as I’ve been working as a writer and creating this podcast.

· HyperWrite is a personal marketing assistant. With multiple writing tools built in. There are a range of opportunities to write and create new content, summarise and simplify copy and writing a speech. Hyperwrite is aiming to be a one-stop-shop writing assistant.

· Llama2 is Meta’s LLM. This release includes text translation.

· Go Charlie is an AI marketing assistant. Working on a three-step approach to learning your brand, to users choosing the type of content needed, to putting the steps together to create the third and final step - the final draft content.

· Wordtune efficiency, rewriting and generating content are the main aspects of this generative AI tool. It speeds up the writing process generating content or correcting yours. With summarising content feature and the ability to create a Wordtune library of content this is a useful assistant for many business teams, sales, marketing and communications.

· Summari is an AI tool that does what it says in its name, it summarises content.

· Writer is an enterprise AI and is designed to work with bigger marketing or communications teams. As it says, this is “generative AI that is secure, learns from your data, and is customized to your company’s brand and workflows”. Which means it learns your brand’s tone of voice increasing efficiencies the more you use it.

· Copymatic according to it’s website Copymatic, “automatically writes unique, engaging and high-quality copy or content: from long-form blog posts or landing pages to digital ads in seconds”. Perfect if you’re working in a company with a range of materials to write but potentially not expert writers in every type of content to write them.

· Anyword is another marketers tool. It’s got the capability to analyse all the content ever published to that brand and crunch the data to work out which content was the most effective and where it’s the most effective, for example, website, social media and email.

· Persado is all about making marketing communications that outperform expectations and generate revenue. It’s custom built AI is designed to use language that motivates customers.

· Bard AI this is Google’s LLM, it’s still technically an experiment and to be fair it does come with a health warning, “I’m Bard, your creative and helpful collaborator. I have limitations and won’t always get it right, but your feedback will help me improve”. But similar to Chat GPT, type in a prompt or a question and wait for the response.

· Lavender is an AI sales email coach helping users to write in real time and get more responses. If you’re writing in sales or running a sales team, then this could be a tool to look into. It coaches, personalises content, captures data and can even start writing your sales emails.

· Chat GPT-4 Open-AI’s Chat GPT is world-famous. Chat GPT-4 is the latest iteration, but remember it was last updated in September 2021 so it can’t answer prompts that refer to after that date. Otherwise, write in your prompt, a question, a statement, whatever and watch it write up it’s answers for you.

This believe it or not is not all of the AI tools that writers can use. If you’re working in marketing, sales or communications, then these tools are potentially ones to explore further. If you’re running an SME and need support in writing content or developing marketing campaigns based on data then again, some of these tools can help you achieve your goals.

The AI revolution in writing, creating content, and reaching customers is well underway. These tools are a selection of what’s on offer, and as you can see, there’s a lot here and some amazing AI technology at play.

If you would like any advice on how AI can support and solve problems for your small business contact Alcea today.

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