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Introducing... Forecast

In this post we're introducing the It's a project manager’s go to technical assistant, offering a suite of features tailored to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of project management activities.

Do your best work, let tech do the rest
Bridge disconnected processes with the AI-driven solution that easily streamlines projects, resources and financials all in one place.

What is is a global business, but it began in Denmark in 2016 and now has offices in Copenhagen, New York, and London. The app hit on the need for companies to have effective project management, which is a crucial component for success. With the increasing complexity of tasks and collaboration across teams, having a reliable tool to streamline project workflows becomes paramount. This is where steps in as a game-changer, offering a cutting-edge platform that combines intuitive project management with the power of artificial intelligence. is a dynamic project management platform designed to enhance collaboration, improve productivity, and facilitate efficient project planning.

How it works

  • boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy for teams to navigate and manage their projects effectively.

  • Leveraging artificial intelligence, the platform analyses historical project data, identifies patterns and provides predictive analytics, enabling teams to make informed decisions and foresee potential problems.

  • The platform offers a suite of collaboration tools, allowing team members to communicate, share files, and collaborate in real time.

Benefits for users

  • AI-powered automaton streamlines repetitive tasks, saving time and reducing manual effort. Forecast helps you manage your tasks, projects, programs, resources, and finances in one easy-to-use platform. Let your people do their best work while the technology does the rest.

  • Predictive analytics empower businesses to make informed decisions, minimising risks and optimising project outcomes.

  • The platform uses real-time communication and collaboration tools that foster a cohesive team environment, irrespective of geographical location.

Who can Benefit? caters to a diverse range of businesses, from startups to large enterprises, in various industries. It is particularly beneficial for project managers, team leaders, and executives looking to optimise project workflows and enhance collaboration.

Pros and Cons of using


  • By automating project management processes and consolidating multiple tools into one, Forecast has solved communication, resourcing, and budget issues for many.

  • Users have found Forecast's intuitive AI system to be a game-changer, reducing manual effort and enabling them to focus on other areas within the project.

  • Forecast's features make it suitable for managing agile projects, with the ability to plan project timelines, allocate resources appropriately, and quickly identify overbooked or underutilized resources. It is particularly good for distributed teams and those working remotely.

  • Users comment that offers a good response to customer queries.


  • Users find the platform user-friendly, but some of the features have a steep learning curve that prevents them from mastering the advanced features.

  • Despite its customisable features, there may be a limit to this for some industries.

  • The platform is reliant on a good internet connection.

What's the cost of offers a free 14-day trial with a variety of paid plans according to requirements.

Does have competitors?

There are many AI tools associated with project management, some of competitors are listed below:

  1. Asana: known for its user-friendly interface. Asana is a popular management tool offering task management, collaboration and project tracking features.

  2. Trello: Trello’s card-based system is favoured for its simplicity, providing a visual way for teams to organise tasks and projects.

  3. This versatile platform combines project management with team collaboration, offering customisable workflows and integration capabilities.

To summarise

In conclusion, stands as a strong AI-powered tool for project management. It blends user-friendly design with the power of practical technology. With its AI-driven insights, collaboration tools, and customisable features, businesses can experience improved efficiency and make informed decisions, ultimately paving the way for successful project outcomes. Whether you are a startup or an established enterprise, is poised to elevate your project management experience, setting a new standard for streamlined collaboration and productivity in the digital age.

“The success of Forecast shows there’s a hunger for AI-based software that can take away the pain of spreadsheets for complex processes”

Find out more at AI Life Tools podcast now on Spotify Alcea Consulting Limited is a boutique consultancy helping businesses find the right words and tools to connect their teams and customers. Contact us to find out how Alcea can support your teams and business today.

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