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Introducing... Too Good To Go

In this post we’re introducing Too Good to Go. In the latest episode of AI Life Tools podcast Too Good To Go was one of the AI tools mentioned that helps people through the cost of living crisis. This is an AI-powered tool aimed at reducing food waste and promoting sustainability in the food industry, that's easy to use.

Too Good to Go is a mobile app that connects businesses with consumers who are looking to purchase surplus food at a discounted price. Businesses can create ‘Surprise Bags’ of food that is still good to eat, but may be near its expiration date, have too many in stock, or are misshapen. Consumers can then purchase these Surprise Bags through the app and pick them up at the business during a designated time slot.

How can we benefit by using Too Good to Go?

There are a number of ways that businesses can benefit by using Too Good to Go, including:

  • Reduce food waste: Too Good to Go helps businesses to reduce their food waste, which can save them money and environmental impact.

  • Increase revenue: Too Good to Go can help businesses to generate additional revenue from food that would otherwise be thrown away.

  • Attract new customers: Too Good to Go can help businesses to attract new customers, particularly those who are interested in sustainability and saving money.

  • Improve brand reputation: Too Good to Go can help businesses to improve their brand reputation by demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Who can use Too Good to Go?

Any business that sells food can use Too Good to Go, including restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, bakeries, and more. Too Good to Go is also available to consumers in over 17 countries around the world.

Is it free to use?

Too Good to Go is free for customers to download and use the app.

It is free for businesses to sign up for Too Good to Go. However, businesses do pay an annual fee and a commission on each Surprise Bag that they sell.

Does Too Good to Go have competition?

Yes, Too Good to Go does have some competition, such as Olio and Karma.

However, Too Good to Go is one of the largest and most well-known food waste reduction apps in the world.

How is AI incorporated into its use?

Too Good to Go uses AI to help businesses to manage their food waste more effectively. For example, AI can be used to predict how much food a business is likely to have surplus on a given day. This can help businesses to plan their Surprise Bags more effectively and avoid wasting food.

Overall benefits of using Too Good to Go to businesses and customers:

For businesses:

  • Reduce food waste

  • Increase revenue

  • Attract new customers

  • Improve brand reputation

For customers:

  • Save money on food

  • Reduce their environmental impact

  • Discover new businesses

  • Get delicious food that would otherwise be thrown away

Overall, Too Good to Go is a win-win for both businesses and consumers. It helps businesses to reduce their food waste and make extra money, while it helps consumers to save money and reduce their environmental impact. It's also a very easy to use app with an attractive look and feel. What's not to like?! This is an AI tool that everyone at Alcea has signed up to and loves to use.

Find out more at AI Life Tools podcast now on Spotify.

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