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Introducing... Mango Logistics

Updated: Feb 22

Bespoke logistics services for any business
Our aim at Mango is to provide complete logistics services like no other. Our services work seamlessly together to suit your individul requirements. We deliver transport and storage solutions that take away the pain, stress, and complexity of managing your logistics and supply chain, leaving you free to get on with your daily business operations.
We have a range of delivery options to suit any requirement and, paired with our leading web-based tracking and integration platform, we are here to help your business successfully achieve your sustainability goals.

business successfully achieve your sustainability goals.

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the role of logistics has evolved into a critical component for success. Mango Logistics stands out by seamlessly incorporating artificial intelligence into its operations.

What do they do?

The company provides courier, storage and fulfilment services to businesses of all sizes. They offer various delivery options, including same-day, next-day, and international. They are also committed to sustainability and are working to make their fleet electric by 2025.

How does Mango Logistics incorporate AI into its work?

Some of the ways Mango Logistics uses artificial intelligence (AI) are:

  • To optimise delivery routes using mapping features (we can all do that too using other tools like Google Maps that also uses AI-powered features)

  • It uses machine learning algorithms to enable predictive analytics, helping to minimise delays and reduce costs

  • To improve customer service - likely with chat bots and other AI-powered tools

How can businesses benefit from using Mango Logistics?

Using Mango Logistics can help businesses that need to move products around to reduce shipping costs and potentially improve their shipping efficiency. There is also a wide range of delivery options available to customers and a commitment to sustainability, which can help customers looking to maintain their green credentials and values beyond their own company and throughout their suppliers too.

Does Mango Logistics have competitors?

Yes there are many alternative logistics companies out there.

  • XYZ Logistics: A Dubai-based company with world wide reach, they offer air, road and sea freight. They also provide warehouse and customs clearance services. XYZ Logistics specialise in 24/7 customer support and cost-effective practices. They actively pursue strategies that minimise the environmental impact by optimising routes to using energy-efficient facilities. Their use of advanced artificial intelligence ensures that goods are handled with precision, efficiency and full visibility.

  • XPO Logistics UK: XPO is a cargo and freight company based in the UK with a pan-European platform. Its services are digitally managed to enhance visibility and agility. It's a forward-thinking company encompassing diversity and inclusion of both workforce and customers. It offers various services, including full truckload, less-than-full truckload, last mile, global forwarding, and event solutions. In recent news, XPO announced a new order for electric trucks and the extension of a long-term partnership with Saint-Gobain.


  • Mango Logistics employs state-of-the-art AI technology for optimal logistics management this AI-driven optimisation leads to reduced operational costs, in most cases

  • Suitable for businesses of most sizes

  • Strong commitment to sustainability


  1. You'll need to shop around depending on the size of your business as it may not be the best choice for small businesses

  2. Limited international reach

  3. Reliance on AI may lead to problems during technical issues - AI's brilliant but it's not perfect!

Final thoughts...

Mango Logistics emerges as a game-changer in the logistics industry, seamlessly integrating AI to redefine how businesses manage their supply chains. With a focus on efficiency, cost reduction and customer satisfaction, Mango Logistics provides a holistic solution for companies seeking to stay ahead in the competitive market. They are committed to sustainability and are working to make their fleet electric by 2025.

To find out more about logistics companies powered by AI check out our article and podcast episode on AI tools for logistics. Alcea Consulting Limited is a boutique consultancy helping businesses find successful business solutions with AI tools to connect their teams and customers. Contact us to learn how Alcea can support your teams and business today.

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