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Launching a new AI consultancy partnership

Alcea Consulting Limited, a communications and artificial intelligence (AI) consultancy, and Beneson Change Management, a specialist in business change, have announced a new partnership launching a new AI consultancy service.

The new service will help organisations of all sizes to understand the potential of AI as a solution for their challenges and to implement practical AI solutions that deliver real business value and benefits. With over 35 years of experience between them, Alcea Consulting and Beneson Change Management will bring their expertise in business consultancy and experience across multiple industry sectors.

The growing demand for practical artificial intelligence support

The partnership is a response to the growing demand for AI solutions. A recent report by Gartner predicts that the global AI market will reach $394.6 billion by 2025. And with Goldman Sachs estimating that 300 million jobs will be disrupted worldwide in the coming years, the need for organisations to embrace AI tools to support their work and to embrace the changing opportunities that AI will bring will set companies apart from their competitors is becoming increasingly critical.

"We are excited to collaborate together to launch this new service," said Ellen Bishop, CEO of Alcea Consulting Limited. "Together, we can help organisations to make the most of AI and to achieve their business goals with practical support and knowledge of which artificial intelligence tools will benefit the business best."
"This partnership is a natural fit," said Lloyd Hopson, Director of Beneson Change Management. "We have a shared commitment to helping organisations to succeed, and we believe that AI is a powerful tool that can help them to do so. Providing practical support as well as strategic planning and oversight is what sets our partnership apart from others."

The new AI consultancy service has launched and will be looking to partner and support other consultancies as well as work directly with businesses in identifying, setting up, and implementing AI tools and solutions. For more information, please visit the Alcea Consulting website or the Beneson Change Management website.

Benefits of the new AI consultancy service:

  • Help organisations to understand the potential of AI and to identify the right AI solutions for their needs.

  • Provide technical expertise in the implementation of AI solutions.

  • Guide organisations through the business change process required to adopt AI solutions.

  • Help organisations to measure the return on investment from their AI initiatives.

If you are interested in learning more about the new AI consultancy service, please contact Alcea Consulting or Beneson Change Management.

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